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25 Apr 2016
26 ноя 2015 Развесёлые бои на низкоуровневой технике — отличный способ передохнуть от баталий на монстрах VIII–X уровней. Даже самые суровые танкисты иногда хотят вернуться в сражения, где царят «пулемётные» и фугасные орудия, высокие скорости и где порой творятся невероятные
22 Apr 2016 Hello tankers! In lieu of the upcoming sale of the Panzer IIJ and BT-SV as well as multiple questions concerning the tanks, I decided to write an in-depth guide of both tanks to help people with their purchasing decisions. And, similarly to QuickyBaby's videos, I'll also give some pointers on how to take these
WorldOfTanksBlitz. subscribeunsubscribe1,618 readers. 21 users here now. World of Tanks Blitz for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. The WOT Blitz Wiki. This has VERY IMPORTANT information on all the tanks. Use it over and over again. Tactical guide to maps and how to play them
27 Nov 2015
23 Feb 2015 This World of Tanks BT-SV weak spots guide gives you every weak spot you will need to take out an enemy BT-SV from the front, sides, and rear.
17 May 2017 Guide to earning Credits - posted in Game Discussion: Hello my fellow tankers Recently, YodaJediMaster started a thread talking about increasing the MS-1 (4 aces), Tetrarch, T2 Light, T7 Car, Pz.II J, BT-7 Artillery, Pz.S35 (2 aces), M3 Light, LTP, BT-SV, T-127 (1 ace), Pz.IV D, Hetzer Kame SP, A-32,
2 Oct 2016 The BT-SV was also made available briefly on the 1st, 6th and 21st of December 2014 in the EU as part of the Advent Calendar as well as the 15th of December 2014 through the 19th of January 2015 on the NA Server. It has popped up a bit more often recently, albeit in 100$ bundles with a enough gold to
7 Mar 2015 Weak Spot Guide: BT-SV - posted in Light Tanks: The tier 3 rare premium Russian light tank BT-SV is a funny looking tank that combines blazing fast speed with a surprising amount of armor for a tier 3 light tank. The BT-SV has a lot of sloped armor that gives it very good effective armor and can be difficult to
26 Nov 2015 BT-SV. Amazing looks (ufo meets bug). Amazing engine (hp/t and top speed). Crappy gun (and gun depression). Pretty much no armour unless against weak penning opponents and angled correctly. Not much more to say about it eh! - World of Tanks: Blitz player statistics signature.