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Please check and get the latest version at Hitachi Web site. or Some functions explained in this manual require the “LiveViewer” Version 4.xx. (In the version information a number between 00 and 99 will replace the xx.) 9) [Windows® XP].
Hitachi CP-X268A Manual Online: How To Use ''miu Live Viewer. This section explains how to use the ''MIU Live Viewer''. 3.1.1. Install ''MIU Live Viewer'' the
The LiveViewer software can transfer images and audio from a computer to the projector or the switcher connected to projector via wireless LAN or wired LAN. This software has a variety of features that helps comfortable presentation and easy connection. Compatibility: Windows XP Home Edition Windows XP Professional
LiveViewer Pro. Presentation Application. User's Manual. For Android. Ver. 2.1.0. Hitachi Maxell, Ltd. Note. ?The contents of this manual are subject to change without notice, including product specifications. In addition, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual.
20 Nov 2008 MIU (Multi Information processing Unit). LiveViewer 3 Application. User's Manual. Hitachi Ltd. NOTE. •. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this manual. .. In case you use Live Viewer 3 in Windows Vista, Aero Glass cannot be used while the PC image is displayed.
You can also download the latest version and relevant information from the Hitachi website (www. or For details of Network Presentation and instructions to install the "LiveViewer", refer to the manual for "LiveViewer". Wired LAN. Wireless LAN
of this product, please refer to this manual and the other manuals for this product. The following application is required to use Network Presentation. OS. Application. Windows. LiveViewer. Mac OSX. LiveViewer. iOS(iPhone/iPad). Projector Quick Connection .
Hitachi CP-X267 user manual - 3.7 Start the Live Viewer 3 . 3.7 Start the Live Viewer 3.
Hitachi CP-X267 user manual - 3.2 Install Live Viewer 3 . 3.2 Install Live Viewer 3.
For Windows VISTA, use the latest “Live Viewer 3”. Please get the latest version at Hitachi WEB site ( or www. Since some functions maybe limited, please see the instruction manual that is supplied with the latest “Live Viewer 3”. • Set your PC's resolution to XGA or