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You want to replace the lamps on your vehicle but don't know which model is the right one? This is where the Vehicle Lamp Finder can help. Whether you drive a car or truck or ride a motorbike, this tool will find the right headlight lamps, high-beam lamps, fog light lamps, turn signal lights and much more. NEW: now with an
Use Philips Bulb Finder to locate the right headlight bulb for your vehicle.
24 Feb 2015 Headlamp replacement is a relatively simple job. Our guide is designed to help you select the right lamp for your car.

10 Feb 2014
W5W. Alfa Romeo. License plate. Rear fog lamp. B-xx = Blister pack code. Reverse light. Stop lamp. Rear light. Blinker index. Side repeater. Blinker front. Headlamp low. Headlamp high. Fog lamp. Park lamp. 1. Headlamp low. Headlamp high. Fog lamp front. Blinker front. Side repeater. Park lamp. Blinker index. Stop lamp.
Our Automotive Bulb Finder application can help you identify the replacement bulbs and lamps right for your vehicle. Whether you need a headlight bulb, a tail light bulb, a break light bulb, or new signaling lights, can help. We carry auto light bulbs to fit most vehicle makes and models. Simply select the year,
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10 Aug 2017 There are certain steps you can follow to easily remove an old bulb and install a new one: Open the bonnet or hood of your car, and prop it up. Disconnect the power connector from the back of the headlight assembly. Remove the dust cover. There may be a clip holding the bulb in place.
6 Step Headlight Bulb Replacement. Open the hood and locate the back of your headlight. Remove the wire harness from the bulb holder. Now remove the bulb itself from the headlamp assembly. Carefully install the new bulb in the headlamp assembly, rotating it back into place, if necessary.