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12 nov. 2012 Cette base de donnees recense les overclockings realises par les membres du site Decouvrez les overclockings de Intel Core i7 950 a 3.066 GHz @ 4.4 GHz.
Razultull, i7-950, 3.71 GHz, 1.17v, What to expect from an i7-950 Intel Core i7-950 Review Batch Codes The lot code identifier and Intel year and workweek the finished product was manufactured can be viewed by referencing the following FPO# guide: (x)Test Site, (x)Year, (xx)Workweek,
I'm going from AMD to Intel, and I've never overclocked anything other than an AMD BE processor, so does anyone have a guide on how to overclock an i7 950. specs: 1600
8 Feb 2010 I want to overclock my CPU (i7 950) from the stock 3.06GHz to 4.0-4.5GHz with complete stability/safety. I do NOT run my computer 24/7 and I have AIR COOLING only. I am thinking about shipping my computer to Digital Storm to have them overclock and tune/tweak everything for maximum performance.
Hi, I'm new to overclocking and I wanna overclock my i7 950 to 4.0 - 4.2ghz. Can someone please explain to me how to do it? Make a vid?System specs:I7 950Asus p6x58d-eNoctua NH-D14Kingston hyperX 12gb
I am currently running a new I7-950 rig. I have overclocked the system and I am running at 4.2 with HT enabled. My biggest concern is the core voltage that I am using 1.392V. My temps are 34 degrees idle and max out at 76 with the prime stress test. Basically I just want confirm that my settings are okay for
Any good guides specific to the i7 950 or can anyone give me some tips for a good OC starting point? -Intel i7 950 -Corsair H70 w/MX-4 and push/pull config (28-32c idle stock, Newbie guide to overclocking:
5 Dec 2015
Hi there all, to start off i have never overclocked before so im abit scared of breaking/burning out things haha its everwhere that the CPU i have OC's easily and
5 Jun 2012