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Search and Rescue is a system in Mass Effect 3 that replaces the Planet Scanning mini-game from. In total, 1290 War Assets can be obtained from the Search and Rescue system, with an additional 200 from Mass Effect 3: Leviathan, 440 from artifacts, and 50 from completing Aria: Blue Suns Planet Scanning Guide Edit.
Minos Wasteland The Fortis solar system contains several planets so scan just south of the Mass Relay (near the planet Pietas) for a cool 10000 Credits. You'll.
Vular. Planet Vana. [Black Market Artifacts] // Items are needed to complete the quest Aria: Blue Suns (only if you don't kill the General Oraki). Kite's Nest. Vular. Wreck. [150 fuel units]. Aethon Cluster. Aru. Planet Cherk Sab. War asset [Volus Fabrication Units]. Aethon Cluster. Aru. Planet Irune. [Book of Plenix] // Item is
6 Mar 2012 Know the exact locations of all credits, intel, artifacts, and war assets in the galaxy. Skepsis: Javelin Missile Launchers war asset on Watson, 200 fuel. Urla Rast: Prothean Obelisk on Talis Fia, 300 fuel.
2 Apr 2012 Mass Effect 3 Resources Guide Author: Timothy Porn Introduction Resource scanning in Mass Effect 3 is more streamlined than in Mass Effect 2, since the bar MINOS WASTELAND Fortis System Pietas- Salvage: 10000 credits Near Mass relay- 200 units fuel SHRIKE ABYSSAL Xe Cha System Zada Ban-
13 Mar 2012
6 Mar 2012 Alliance Frigate Agincourt – War Asset Scan the planet north of the sun, Juntuama, to get this war asset. Fuel Refill Just south west of Juntuma is a wreckage that will give you 150 fuel. The Shrike Abyssal 100%. Xe Cha. 10,000 Credits Scan near Zada Ban to be able to probe the planet and claim your
Mass Effect 3 Galaxy at War Assets in the Galaxy Map. These were put together based on the information at The BioWare forums. I've rearranged the format to make it navigable for phones for those of us using consoles to play the game. The following are clusters with assets (and their counts):; Aethon Cluster (9); Apien
9 Mar 2012 Scan Chohe planet in Cacus system in Hades Gamma cluster. Scan for these resources after visiting Palaven. Credits (Salvage) Scan Pietas planet in Fortis system in Minos Wasteland cluster. Credits (Salvage) Scan Zada Ban planet in Xe Cha system in Shrike Abyssal system. Prothean Obelisk (Artifact)
29 Mar 2016 The Shrike Abyssal - Mass Effect 3: The Shrike Abyssal contains the Urla Rast, Xe Cha, Thai, and Kyzil systems. System Location War Asset Xe Cha Zada Ban Salvage: Cre