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Canon's mid-powered Speedlite, the 430EX II (introduced in June 2008), has 2/3rds of the power of the 580EX II. The power level on the 430EX II can be adjusted in Manual mode, from full power to 1/64 in 1/3-stop increments. It will operate as an off-camera slave, but it cannot be used as a master to control other Speedlites
26 Dec 2013 For Speedlite 430EX II, it is as per the display shown in the photo, whereby you press and hold the "SEL/SET" button for a moment, select the flash output using the "+/-" buttons, and press the "SEL/SET button again to confirm the selection.
Put your 430EXII in manual mode and you can adjust the power manually. canon 430ex ii but it seems to take up to 1 minute before I can resist using the flash. with a Canon Speedlite 430EX,. Yongnuo YN-560II, and a Canon 5D Mark II Adjust the power levels on the flashes directly using their LCD panels. I have all of them
3 Feb 2011 I just got a speedlite 430exii after doing only natural light for 4 years. Should I just be using my flash on ETTL and my camera on manual- in other words, what am I missing as far as quality and control if I dont put the speedlite on manual. I cant believe Not sure if Canon flashes have this feature or not.

Press the [Mode] button to cycle through the two flash modes: E-TTL Automatic and Manual. The display will change with each button press. Press this button until the corresponding icon appears on the LCD panel.
I just bought a new 430ex II Flash. I normally shoot on manual mode. When I use the flash do I set my camera settings first and then just turn the flash on? I'm really confused! All of the you tube videos explained the flash, but not how to set up my camera when I am taking a picture indoors. Any help you can
TTL II or E-TTL). And cameras having 3 (compatible with only TTL) are called Type-B cameras. * This instruction manual assume that you are using the 430EX with . Flash exposure compensation. <u> Custom Function. <r> Second-curtain sync. <q> Manual flash. <a/b>. E-TTL (ll)/TTL autoflash. Firing mode. Slave flash :X.
1 Apr 2011 Don't forget that you can also set the parameters for using flash in Av mode on Canon 5D Mk II cameras, with respect to shutter speed. In the With manual flash, you have two separate exposures you'll have to set and balance - background exposure and subject exposure (illuminated by flash). Both are
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