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Dear All. I am new to this forum. I used to be a smokers, i tried vape, but now I have been using Iqos Just now, the red light is shown, according to the manual, it said malfunction. Can it be fixed? please help. If any of you has experience this, please kindly share (and help)with me how to fix this.
Over 3.7 million consumers have already chosen to switch from cigarettes to this product: our tobacco heating system IQOS. At the heart of IQOS are sophisticated electronics that heat specially designed heated tobacco units. IQOS heats the tobacco just enough to release a flavorful nicotine-containing vapor but without
9 Feb 2017
27 May 2016 Solid orange: the automatic cleaning will start as soon as your iQOS holder has been charged. • Blinking green: the manual or auto cleaning process is occuring. • iQOS Holder and Heater. Cleaning LEDs are blinking red together: indicates a malfunction of the iQOS. Pocket Charger. iQOS Pocket Charger.
Incarcatorul portabil iQOS trebuie alimentat doar la tensiune de siguranta foarte joasa (Safety Extra. Low Voltage – SELV) corespunzatoare marcajului de pe dispozitiv. A se vedea sectiunea “Date tehnice” din Ghidul Utilizatorului pentru mai multe detalii. • Alimentati incarcatorul portabil iQOS doar in interior. • Nu incercati
7 May 2017
Open text instructions. how to clean iQOS? There are two ways: Automatic cleaning of the heating element by charger;; Cleaning cap and IQOS Holder manually with a brush. Open text instructions. WHAT DOES IQOS HOLDER LIGHT INDICATE? IQOS Holder Indicator timely informs you about the processes in the Holder.
Jak se IQOS pouziva? Nabity IQOS vyjmete z kapesni nabijecky IQOS. Do IQOS vlozte tabakovou napln tabakovou stranou dolu. Stisknte a podrzte tlacitko IQOS alespon 2 sekundy, az ucitite vibraci a kontrolka tlacitka zacne blikat. Jakmile zacne kontrolka nepretrzite bile svitit, muzete si vychutnavat nahrivany tabak po
Learn how to use IQOS. Browse our latest IQOS tutorials and instructions to enjoy a smooth experience.
4 Dec 2016