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17 Nov 2015 A series of instructional guides that introduce you to the various characters in BattleCON: Devastation of Indines! BattleGUIDES Episode 1 - Eligor Larington [Devastation of Indines] BattleGUIDES Episode 2 - Shekhtur Lenmorre [Devastation of Indines]
6 Jun 2016 Head-to-head card games provide fantastic tension, strategy, and competition. Combat centered ones, even more so. The competitive, one-on-one strategy that can develop within a deep game is sublime. And no system is better at it than BattleCon. BattleCon takes obvious inspiration from two-player
Battle Connection (or BattleCON, for short) is a head to head dueling card game where two heroes face off against one another in a battle of tactics and strategy. BattleCON builds upon other fighting-type games by placing a focus on tactical positioning, extreme character specialization, and a wide range of viable plays at
8 Nov 2017 War. Besides, Devastation has at least 24 characters not counting . a preview guide on the Kickstarter that provides some background on the 9 Jun 2014 Dungeon Review:Battle Con Devastation of Indines "Battlecon captures the head to head intensity of an Arcade fighter and tempers it with a strategy card
16 May 2013
2 Mar 2014
BattleCON: Devastation is the best value. You get the most characters and extras for the cost. BattleCON: War Remastered and Fate are being released within the next couple months. War Remastered has fewer and simpler characters than Devastation. Fate has a lower character count, but comes with a
Battlecon seems to have a wiki here: As some of us know, the strategy pages (and even the overview pages for war of indines) on are pretty much completely bare. I was wondering whether anyone else thinks its a good idea.
BattleCON: Devastation of Indines is a standalone dueling card game designed for head-to-head and team play. Each player selects a character who uses a unique gameplay mechanism to give them an edge in combat. Take control of guitar-playing summoner, a pair of tag-teaming werewolves, a prodigal paladin,