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29 Mar 2012
10 Mar 2014 Here are instructions and videos for Isshin-Ryu Kata - Tokumine No Kun. This Karate kata uses the traditional martial arts weapon known as a
Isshin-Ryu (???, Isshin-ryu) is a style of Okinawan karate founded by Tatsuo Shimabuku Previous to Kyan's instruction, the Seisan form was a staple of local traditions. . Kyan is to have learned the form either from Tokumine himself, or from The form Urashi no Kun was taught to Shimabuku by his kobudo instructor,
Tokumine-no-kun ????. This kata was passed Kyan, wishing to learn the cudgel tradition of Tokumine, traveled to Yaeyama to seek out his instruction.
23 Jun 2008
21 Apr 2015 Tokumine no Kon is pronounced Tukunmi nu Kun in Okinawan dialect. masters at the time from which Miki received personal instruction.
I have just learned an Okinawan bo kata named Tokumine no kun ichi When Kyan Sensei came seeking instruction from Tokumine he had

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